Rotoroa Island

60 Minute Ferry from AKL CBD
Allow a day to explore the island

For over a century Rotoroa Island has been off-limits to the public,  housing a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre since 1908. Now the island is open to everyone and some of it's rich history still remains, there is even a small learning centre dedicated to preserving it's past, which is a must visit.

To get to the island you must arrive by boat, so those without their own will have to take a ferry from Auckland, Waiheke or Coromadel. The island is relatively small so you can get around most of it within the day while still allowing yourself time to relax on one of it's many private beaches, we recommend Ladies Bay and Cable Bay as the highlights. Make sure you check out Chris Booth's sculpture on the southern tip of Rotoroa as it boasts the most incredible views across the Hauraki Gulf. The island is also a wildlife sanctuary home to two breeding Pateke and a lot of cheeky Weka!

Please note: There are no shops on the the island so bring plenty of food, there is a drinking fountain to fill up your water bottles, the island is also pest free so make sure your food is packed in a sealed bag or container.

Rotoroa Island, Auckland