Collins Drive Loop Track
Forest Hill Park

144 km from Auckland CBD
3 Hours return
Dogs: No

This exciting track gives you the opportunity to walk through the 500m long mining tunnel known as Collins Drive, made in a unsuccessful attempt to mine ore around the turn of the 20th century. The track itself is well maintained and suitable for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness as there are a fair amount of stairs and incline, but it’s definitely worth it.

You can either start at the end of Puketui Road or Puketui Valley Road, we decided to spend the night a Broken Hill Camp Site the night before so this journey starts at the Puketui Valley Rd Entrance. The beginning of the track features an impressive boot cleaning station (always clean your boots) follow the signs from there. You will begin a decent incline to reveal commanding views over Forest Hill park while on the climb be on the lookout for side tracks as there are plenty of little caves to poke your nose into.  

As you make your way through the native bush you will see the entrance to the 500m long Collins Drive, be sure to bring a head torch and keep an eye out for Weta, there are lots of them. From the end of the tunnel the walks continues on to your starting point.

PRO TIP: Right before the very first bridge, turn right for an amazing waterhole you can enjoy before or after your walk, it’s well worth it. So remember to bring a head torch and some swimmers

Puketui Valley Rd, Puketui Valley Rd, Hikuai